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How to get your social media ideas
from your HEAD to your FEED.
AMP Method
You are the only one who can share your message in your voice.

You have the desire, the knowledge, the tools, but you don’t know how to find the right audience and customers.

You’ve searched popular social media accounts, read some articles and blog posts, tried a few different filters and apps, but you aren’t seeing the following and engagement you want. Don’t worry, this is typical for most people! Trust me, there’s a way out of this.

It’s not rocket science, you think, but somehow social media success eludes you. Why does it seem that everyone else is growing faster than you?! 

Think of it like this, there’s power in knowledge, there’s power in strategy, and there’s power in consistency. It isn’t a secret, but it is a formula. 

Let me show you the formula so you can reach the right people who are ready for YOU!

I’ve helped brands, individuals, and businesses understand their social media values, targets, goals and build a successful strategy that takes the mystery out of social success. Many of my clients have mentioned that they now enjoy social media so much more and spend less time on it, while consistently growing their following and engagement.
With AMP, you and I will:
Unearth your social WHY

Clearly determine your social values and goals

Zero in on your target audience and how to find them

Develop a social media strategy, outline, and plan
You Will Receive:
Brand Strategy
A meeting, either on video call or in person .
Audience Outline
An analysis of your social values, goals, and audience.
Social Media Plan
A personalized social media strategy.
Personal Support
A follow-up call and next steps brainstorm.
“Anna is the social media whisperer. When I do what the boss lady tells me to do, I see immediate and consistent results; when I don't, I wade in a pool of social media-ocrity. She gives customized strategies based on industry and professional experience. I trust and love the connection I have with Anna and this year will work to meet the realistic goals she helped me set.”
-Aimee Ferre
Need help with your social?
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